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Bezos Family Foundation

$5 million

The Bezos Family Foundation is committed to helping all children realize their full potential, starting from day one. Through investments that span the continuum from birth to high school, the Foundation partners with education programs, providers and systems in order to improve outcomes for all children, particularly those in poverty. For over a decade, the Foundation has taken a strong focus on the first five years of life. On top of its existing commitments, the Bezos Family Foundation is extending an additional $5 million over two years. This commitment will continue to support scientific discoveries and the translation of research into practice, innovative communications efforts that bridge the gap between what we know and what we do, and the dissemination of research-based tools that promote children’s brain development. Specifically, the funds will support grants in neuroscience and early childhood development; scalable parenting programs that strengthen parent-child interaction; dynamic messaging efforts that leverage technology; the development of corporate and community partnerships; and the creation of Early Learning Nation communities across the country.