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Early Care Education Consortium

The Early Care and Education Consortium (ECEC) is a non-profit trade association of Multi-Site Providers, State Child Care Associations and Educational Services Providers representing 8,500+ programs serving children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds in all 50 states and the District of Columbia committed to:

  • Becoming national role models for community early care and education programs by bringing quality to scale in diverse socio-economic settings  nationwide
  • Participating in state Quality Rating and Improvement Systems in all states in which ECEC Members operate
  • Standing accountable for the kindergarten readiness (based on statewide KEAs) of four-year-old children who have attended ECEC centers for at least one year
  • Advocating for and participating in mixed delivery of pre-K services through partnerships and contracts with Schools, Head Start, and State pre-K programs
  • Adopting defined goals for assessing child and program outcomes using evidence based materials, tools, and processes
  • Supporting both the workforce of today and the workforce of tomorrow by promoting school readiness and workforce productivity
  • Investing resources in facilities, workforce professional development, and sound business practices that result in positive outcomes for children, families, providers and communities
  • Speaking as a collaborative unified national provider voice that benefits all children and providers of high-quality programs and services

As a concrete first step, ECEC commits to convening its members and additional Multi-site Private Community Providers in early 2015 to operationalize provider-specific investments/commitments that will increase the number of high-quality early learning opportunities for children in diverse socioeconomic settings nationwide.