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Fair Share

Fair Share believes that everyone should get a fair shot at a good, productive life – and that starts with a quality education. Attending a high-quality preschool or childcare program is a crucial component of a well-rounded education, and it’s the best investment we can make in a stronger, more prosperous America. As a national partner organization, Fair Share is committed to working with Invest in US to elevate the importance of early learning in national, state, and local dialogues. Our work draws connections between access to high-quality early education, the building of a fair economy where people who are willing and able to work hard can find good jobs that allow them to build a decent life for their families, and the effectiveness of critical anti-hunger programs that keep our nation’s youngest children fed and ready to focus while in school. Fair Share’s national team is spreading the message about Invest in US through traditional and social media, engaging elected officials and community leaders, and supporting the work of our allies in this campaign. Fair Share’s field staff is working in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, and Virginia to build momentum and support for Invest in US campaign priorities, and building support for expanded access to early education at the state level.