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First Focus

First Focus is a bipartisan advocacy organization dedicated to making children the priority in federal policy and budget decisions.  Prioritizing our national commitment to children means investing in their earliest years and supporting cross-sector investments in effective interventions and policies that promote their health, development, school readiness, and economic stability, while strengthening the capacity of their families to support their development.  That is why over the next six months First Focus will work across our organization to promote the Invest in US Campaign.  Specifically, First Focus will promote early childhood investments in policy formations that cross health, education, economic stability, nutrition, homelessness, child and family-friendly tax policy, and child welfare to break down the silos that often prevent programs from promoting the comprehensive well-being of children.

First Focus is proud to join other partners and stakeholders to play a significant role in the Invest in US campaign by highlighting effective policy for children and helping to translate policy into legislative action and funding.  We will use social media, our network of state partners and affiliates, and support events to move policymakers to make significant investments in the early lives of children and their families.