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Michigan is determined to provide its children a “great start” in their education. In 2013, a $65 million budget increase was proposed in the Great Start Program, which provides quality preschool education for four-year-olds from low- and moderate-income families. Passed by the state legislature, this was the largest increase in preschool funding by any state in 2013. Funds will help create 16,000 additional slots in half-day preschool. In addition to meeting increasing demand for the state’s preschool program, this proposed funding increase will help improve the quality of early childhood education by increasing per-student spending to $3,645. Under the guidelines of Michigan’s Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Pre-kindergarten, the $65 million budget increase will keep class sizes and ratios small to promote strong relationships between children and teachers. An additional $65 million is being added in 2014-2015.