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National Association for the Education of Young Children

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is deeply committed to ensuring affordable, high-quality early childhood education for all children from birth to age 8 and advancing a dynamic and diverse early education profession by connecting practice, policy, and research. As a part of upholding these values, NAEYC strongly supports Invest in US. NAEYC will promote Invest in US and the shared goal to generate new commitments for early learning, by promoting national dialogue, raising awareness, and maintaining the unprecedented momentum. Specifically, NAEYC will coordinate and rally its 300+ affiliates, 6,500 NAEYC accredited child centers, 150+ NAEYC accredited higher education programs, and 70,000 members to move public awareness and support on behalf of early learning.  NAEYC also has a robust social media following, including 35,000+ Twitter followers and 77,000+ Facebook likes.

NAEYC will leverage these forces to generate a powerful voice elevating the Invest in US goals. This will be done by raising awareness around the initiative’s days of action and encouraging participation in the months to follow. For example, NAEYC will keep its membership base engaged by informing them about legislation, providing tip sheets and toolkits for various activities (such as organizing program tours for elected officials), showcasing the value of the early childhood profession and requesting testimonials of families for whom high-quality early learning has made a difference for their children. We will also tie activities in with several major events NAEYC hosts.