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Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc


As an advocate of universal screening for more than twenty years, Brookes Publishing has committed to help strengthen screening in early education as part of the expanding federal initiatives. Brookes Publishing will support programs in beginning and/or extending developmental screening for all the children by developing  an Ages and Stages (ASQ) Screening Resource Center that will include new educational tools designed to help early childhood programs prepare and organize, conduct, and follow through on developmental screening. This virtual toolkit will support screening success with new webinars, videos, downloadable tip sheets, FAQs, and practical implementation materials. Brookes Publishing commits to making The Resource Center freely available to promote truly universal screening.   They will also offer 1,000 ASQ Screening Success kits which will bundle their best resources that support ASQ-3 use. Starting with a copy of the Developmental Screening in Your Community book, this booster package will also include Quick Start Guides, Learning Activities, a Scoring and Referral training DVD, and more. This donation represents $200,000 in product value. And finally in partnership with members of  the federal inter-agency group supporting early education, they will design a Universal Screening Pilot Study to determine the use of ASQ-3 as a tool to collect population-wide data to evaluate community progress in supporting young children’s development, early learning, and readiness for school.